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John Kellogg

During the latter part of John's Combo Audio days, he had what he describes as a life changing experience when he heard his first surround sound demonstration. That experience sent him on a path to become one of the driving forces behind multichannel audio for the next two decades, first with Dolby Laboratories, and later with SRS Labs and now with DTS Inc. He has been instrumental in the development of MDA (Multi Dimensional Audio) - and object based audio platform and new spatial audio rendering techniques.
An original 5.1 surround music pioneer; John produced the first 5.1 music mixes in 1992. He has since produced a number of critically acclaimed and best selling surround music releases on DVD over the years for Warner Music Group and Arista Records. His producer credits include creating 5.1 titles for classic hit albums from Chicago, Deep Purple, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Foreigner, whose 5.1 DVD Audio release of "4" is one of the best selling DVD Audio surround music releases of all time. He has also acted as a 5.1 surround consulting producer for HBO (Britney Spears Live in Las Vegas), Arista and BMG.
In 2005 John founded and launched Jhana Music Group - - the first online surround music destination featuring 5.1 surround music downloads and streaming with custom applications and iOS apps.
John lives with his longtime partner and his daughter who an aspiring photographer, anthopologist, musician and artist based in Venice, CA.
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Angus Thomas

In his post Combo Audio days, Angus toured Europe and the U.S. extensively with Miles Davis, Peter Wolf and other artists. Re-locating in Austria and Amsterdam for a time, Angus became a staple in the European jazz club circuit.
He continued performing through the 90's and in Chicago with recording artist Nicholas Tremulis. In the late 1990's Angus recorded and released a solo CD called "The Overdog".
Angus moved to Los Angeles part time in the early 2000's to work and play on television soundtracks like "King of Queens" and other shows and commercials. He continues to perform and work in the studio in LA when not in Europe performing or recording.
Moving back to Europe, Angus has graced and taught at The American Institute of Music in Vienna, Austria, The International Institute of Creative Music Education in Tatabanya, Hungary and Cultural Exchange Projects in Oberschützen, Austria. Angus is now a member of the Philip Fankhauser Group and composes and performs as one half of The Vienna Art Rats He currently resides in Austria and Switzerland with his wife.
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Rick Neuhaus

Beyond Combo Audio, Rick became a finishing painter and artist in Chicago. His work can be seen all over the city.
He also raised his son, Jesse Neuhaus, who became a successful skateboarding competitor, designer and entrepreneur. He is a founder and owner of Blue Town Skateboarding Company.
Rick reports that one day in 1995 he heard a djembe at a West African drumming performance and it spoke to him. He took up the instrument began performing and later teaching African drumming and has participated in or led drumming circles all over the globe. Rick was a member of the African drumming ensemble Dahui in Chicago. He began seriously studying in the U.S. and Guinea West Africa with the world’s most respected Master Drummers, including Mamady Keita, Famadou Konate, M’bemba Banguora, Madou Dembele, Gbonworo Keita, Ya Ya Kabo and Michael Markus. Rick began teaching djembe and dundun in 1996 and taught his first djembe class at the Old Town School of Folk Music in 1997. Alone or with ensembles Rick performs West African style ensemble performs extensively, having been featured at Ravinia’s "World Music Festival", New Yorks’s "Tribute Concert for the World Renowned Babatunde Olatunji’ and most recently, at Puerto Rico’s "Festival Internacional de Percussion". Rick is also a Staff Drum Circle Facilitator for "RHYTHM", a Chicago night club devoted to world. Rick lives in Chicago with his significant other and a lot of djembes.

past members

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Tom Broeske

After his departure from Combo Audio, Tom went on to a number of successful ventures in including forming Nix86 in the early 80's which became immensely popular in the midwest circuits. Later, Tom joined "Last Gentlemen" and would record and tour extensively across the U.S., Europe and Canada.
Tom has played or currently plays with a number of artists and projects including GinAtomics, the Spanics and others.
Tom has toured throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe, performing with Rounder Recording Artists the Spanic Boys on the Late Show with Conan O'Brien and the Pacifica Radio Network. Before landing a major label record deal, his band Last Gentlemen was picked from over 3000 entries to appear at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles as finalists in the Yamaha Soundcheck Best Unsigned Band Competition. He has shared the stage with a diverse group of artists including U2, Cheap Trick, Bon Jovi, the Neville Brothers, the Beach Boys, Jefferson Starship, Funkadelic and Ministry.
Tom lives near Madison Wisconsin with his wife and daughter and regularly pays homage to his bass collection.
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Rocky Maffit

Rocky's brief but brilliant tenure performing and recording with Combo Audio was overwhelmed by his role as a member of 80's pop/R&B phenomenon Champaign. Champaign had two international hits, "How 'bout us" and "Try Again". Rocky toured and recorded with Champaign for several years as a writer, co-producer percussionist and vocalist.
As Champaign dissolved, Rocky went on to write with Champaign bandmate and partner, Michael Day. Rocky later became a solo artist and returned to his roots, his love of percussion instruments and writing. He began to perform and lead percussion workshops and has performed with Rick Neuhaus from time to time.
Rocky also added "author" to his credits. In 2004, he wrote and published "Rhythm and Beauty", a book on percussion and percussion instruments from around the globe.
In 2005 Rocky also wrote, recorded and released his first solo album in years, "Everytown" with writing partner, collaborator and keyboardist Neil Robinson and percussionist Chad Dunn.
John and Rocky reunited and collaborated on Rocky's last album "Sun and Shadow" with John co-producing and mixing and released on iTunes.
Rocky lives in Champaign, IL with his wife, choreographer Kate Kuper near their adult sons.
You can find out more about Rocky and his work at: