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As far as we know, all of the photos included here were taken mostly by Della Perrone and some by Kim Weinstein (Keck). We can't remember who shot which shots - but we want to extend our heart felt gratitude to them both for doing it. Thanks for coming to all the gigs you guys came to, putting up with us, the crowds, late nights, and listening to the set list over and over and over almost as many times as we did. But especially; thanks for taking all these photos and giving them to us so we have a record of our legacy and can share it on this site.

Also, want to thank Rich Denhart who insisted on making all those live board tapes while mixing the band during shows. It didn't seem important at the time - but sure glad we have these recordings for the record now - so to speak

Many happy returns !

John, Angus, Rick
(Tom and Rocky too)