John Kellogg - vocal guitars keyboards effects percussion
Rick Neuhaus - drums percussion electronic percussion programming
Angus Thomas - backing vocal basses bass pedals effects

In 1980 Combo Audio was formed as a vehicle for songs written by John Kellogg and collaborator Rick Neuhaus. Somewhere along the way it became a band.

Prolific writers with some 40-50 songs in their repretoire, Combo Audio is probably best remembered for their single "Romanticide". "Romanticide" was released twice as a single; first on Independent label Secret Records, and again when the band was signed to EMI/America.

"Romanticide" was also made into music videos - twice. The first appeared on the pre-MTV "Rock America" music cable station in the U.S. and Europe, and again when the band was with EMI. Upon release, "Romanticide" went into power rotation on an early MTV to accompany the EMI release.

This site is sort of an online museum exhibit to represent the legacy of the band and its members. And; its a place where all the photos, videos and, most importantly, the music, can all be in one place.

Welcome & Enjoy
John, Angus & Rick